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If You Build It…

Posted on: November 1st, 2009 by msw No Comments

A great thing about bird watching is you can do it just about anywhere you go.
It’s their diverse survival strategies and highly mobile nature that make birds so successful at exploiting almost every habitat niche this world has to offer. Understanding these traits and a few specifics about the avian species in your area will help you succeed in making the ultimate bird watching habitat in your own yard.

Simply adding a feeder will likely produce some activity, but you may soon notice that some birds only eat the seeds spilled on the ground around the feeding station. Different birds employ different feeding strategies. While some flit around the canopy of trees looking for their next meal others are down in the under brush trying to find a snack. By varying the height and locations of your feeders you’ll provide for a more diverse group of avian visitors to your garden.

Birds need security from predators too, so consider placing high feeders near vegetation that can provide cover in the event of an aerial attack and put ground feeders far enough away from cover that might conceal a cat.

A water feature of some kind will complete your bird buffet. A shallow tray, custom bird bath or pond in your landscape will all do the trick. Even in moist environments, birds love to have a pool for drinking and bathing. Keeping their feathers clean and healthy is essential to their survival.

The many birds frequenting my yard provide endless opportunities for enjoying my bird watching hobby while I work around the house. And the songs the birds bring to my garden give an extra special quality that only nature can provide.

Birds seen out the window while writing this post: dark-eyed juncos (30), varied thrush, song sparrow, black-capped chickadee, spotted towhee, mourning dove, steller’s jay.



varied thrush

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